Acupuncture London 1993 e-store launch

Acupuncture London 1993 is back. The E-Store is officially online.

1988, London, UK. A group of designers, artists and odd people were flooding the streets of Shoreditch to merge ideas, exchange thoughts and live the moment. Among creators as McQueen and BoyGeorge, there were Philip de Mesquita who, together with Nikos Nicholaou and Louisa Bryan, fed this outrageous hotbed with their second-hand vintage shop monopoly straight from SoHo.The early nineties were the years when punk made a feeble attempt at a fashion comeback allowing the maverick OGs to spread their message worldwide, enlarging the business.

The punk culture forced the doors of every single person, influencing ways of live, habits and social approaches. “Take it or hate it” was still their mantra and people actually felt in love with it: bold colours and humorous artworks evolving everyday, born from the chaos of energy.

After conquering UK celebrities, in the 2000’s Acupuncture made the first step in Japan, becoming an icon for the young subcultures that wanted to convey the rebellion statement carrying sneakers with reflective strips, velcro fastenings and molded soles. It’s was not only a matter of clothing, it was a 360° degrees experience with a music record label, all night long parties and the will not to give a f**k of what was considered as ordinary and common.

Later, in 2019 in Milan, an Italian collective has been appointed to manage the rising of the Red line. The original “A” comes back as brand logo, promoting what the word Anarchy deeply hides, the concept of community and engagement. More than a visionary mind, a diversified and consistent team. From the punk to the cyberpunk, from the heritage to the digital, from the people to the people.

Acupuncture 1993

This capsule features authentic graphic signatures back to the 90’s as the irreverent naked Teddy Bear and the Royal Stewart Tartan pattern, merging them with comfier shapes and precious fabrics, carefully assembled in Italian factories that still keep values as passion, quality and integrity.

Key item is the Circle A jacquard sweater made in premium wool, built with the same techniques of the 3D blanket, worn as a metaphor for a personal flag. Padded shirts and denim suits represent the merge between rebels and urban seekers, while a democratic touch is given by a range of basic sweatshirts and tshirts, manifesto not only of the collection, but of an entire set of feelings, desires and challenges.

Acupuncture 1993

Footwear is obviously the Holy Grail in four models: two sneakers, one boot and one derby shoe. Lola Runner and Tank present a mix and match of materials such as nubuck, calf and nylon mesh, where the “A” is at the same time so subtle and visible and the air outsoles talk about future, hybrids and foreign planets. The Electroclash duo completes the series withan almost classic soul that has been transformed into the perfect gear for a community of peaceful contemporary warriors: an unusual and modern sole is combined with a calf leather upper side with Acupuncture embossed logo at the front.

“Reloaded” depicts a new chapter for this borderless journey that takes root into the underground, speaking an eclectic and biting language able to embrace people and let them have fun with an inclusive mindset.

On the night of 20th of January during the Men Paris Fashion Week, the legendary Rex Club hosted Acupuncture for a computer generated runway show during a rave-inspired night celebration in partnership with Blackrainbow Agency and C41. For this occasion the brand presented “Russian Roulette”, a collection of 100 vinyls randomly selected and meant to be given sight unseen to the community members. THE WEBSTORE IS NOW ONLINE!


SOHO 1993: The Punk Legacy

Acupuncture was founded in 1993 by original “puncturist”, Phil De Mesquita , and by the stylish designer, Nikos Nicholaou, in Soho, England. “The brand with the circle A” came to light as a clothing shop, it became a social center, a punk recording label, and most of all, a factory where all creative people could find self-expression. Acupuncture produced records form iconic indie punk bands like “All The New Accelerators”, “The Flying Medallions”, and “Jake Vegas”. In the meanwhile its range of skunk funked streetwear hit the brit-pop scene and the hardcore and rave subculture, creating one of the most iconic independent streetwear brands that were born in London during the nineties.

Credits: © Courtesy of Aka Milano