Dior introduces Dior Common Thread Podcast Series

Creative daring drives the House’s momentum today more than ever, and the Dior Common Thread podcast series explores the collaborations initiated by Kim Jones. This first podcast on the series is devoted to Jones himself.

Creative enchantment is more than ever at the heart of the House, and the Dior Common Thread Podcast series represents a captivating new avenue for exploring the collaborations initiated by Kim Jones since his arrival at Dior.

Season after season, the Artistic Director of Dior’s Men’s Collections surrounds himself with creators – painters, designers, video artists, authors – to congregate around a vision of luxury and the world, in keeping with his signature style: equal parts elegance and sportswear attitude.

The spirit of Christian Dior’s first vocation – a collector and gallery owner who championed artists from both his inner circle and the avant-garde of his time – comes back to life through dazzling and passionate encounters with the inspiring figures who guide him through his always unique reinventions.

In a dialogue with ed tang, co-founder of art-bureau and independant art advisor based in New York and Hong Kong, each personality recounts their unique experience and shares their singular visions.

A new way to explore the world of Dior Men and discover its secrets.
The first two episodes, featuring Kim Jones and Kaws, are available on podcasts.dior.com, and all podcast platforms.

Credits: © Courtesy of Christian Dior Couture