Greg Gorman: It’s Not About Me

IMMAGIS Munich presents: Greg Gorman´s new exhibition “It´s Not About Me”

Greg Gorman : It’s Not About Me
Greg Gorman Mick Jagger + Bette Midler III NYC, 1983 © Greg Gorman, courtesy IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY

On 30 September 2021, the Munich-based gallery IMMAGIS will open the new exhibition, It’s Not About Me by iconic photographer Greg Gorman, curated from his bestselling book of the same name, published in 2020.

A first showing of select images from this extensive retrospective monograph took place this spring at his US gallery, Fahey/Klein; the new show at IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY this fall marks the first exhibition curated from the book, shown abroad. Gorman is famed for his stunning and memorable images. Over the past 50 years, the Los Angeles based photographer has created a distinctive and impressive body of portrait photography. His secret: mastering the light and focusing entirely on his subject. As the exhibition title suggests, it’s not about the photographer, although it is…

Greg Gorman : It’s Not About Me
Greg Gorman Sophia Loren, pointing finger Rome, 1994 © Greg Gorman, courtes IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY

The list of depicted stars speaks for itself, from Keanu Reeves, Laura Dern, John Waters, Sophia Loren, and Al Pacino to Tom Waits, Alfred Hitchcock, Hugh Jackman, David Hockney, and Johnny Depp, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, and Marina Abramović – to name just a few. And of course, a special section is devoted to his special longtime friends, David Bowie, Grace Jones, and Elton John, whom he recently portrayed again.

The exhibition It’s Not About Me not only showcases some of Gorman’s most iconic works, but also provides a much broader overview of his brilliant portraiture. From Hollywood stars to visual artists and famous musicians, Gorman has always found the perfect mood and setting to capture these distinct personalities while maintaining his unique visual style. Gorman’s portraits have gone on to become photographic milestones with timeless, universal appeal and always a step above the rest.

Greg Gorman: It’s Not About Me
Greg Gorman Diana Ross Los Angeles, 1986 © Greg Gorman, courtesy IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY

Greg Gorman (*1949, Kansas City, Missouri, USA) found his true calling in 1968 when he took a picture of Jimi Hendrix during his concert in Kansas City. The photograph marked the start of his career as a personality photographer, lasting over 50 years. After receiving a Master of Fine Arts in 1972, Gorman began photographing actors and musicians. And he became an icon, like the people he depicted. Gorman was later quoted as saying, “I never could take a photograph of anything that couldn’t talk back to me.” Many of his compelling black-and-white images would go on to appear on movie posters, and CD covers, and grace the pages of magazines such as Life, Newsweek, Vogue, and Rolling Stone. Gorman’s photographs were featured more than a dozen times on the cover of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine.

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Opening: Thursday, 30 September 2021, 7 pm / The artist will be present
Exhibition: 30 September – 30 November 2021
Location: IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY, Blütenstraße 1, 80799 Munich

Photographer: © Greg Gorman @greggormanphoto

Credits: © Greg Gorman, courtesy IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY