Prada Mod unveils summer eyewear collection

Prada captures Mod state of mind in eyewear project

Prada presents Spring Summer 2016 Prada Mod Eyewear collection, starring Vanessa Moody. With Moody charmingly representing a strong yet confident femininity, the new Prada Mod digital film encapsulates a contemporary interpretation of British Mod Culture and its immersive, bold ideology. Confident, international and free thinkers, Mod were communicating more than just a fashion statement – it was a lifestyle, a state of mind.

Prada presents SS 2016 Prada Mod Eyewear collection

Model Vanessa Moody
Director Francesco Maria Tiribelli
Film Director Matteo Frittelli
Creative Director Joakim Dahlqvist
Director of Photography Paolo Bellan
Stylist Luca Federico
Executive Producer Alessandro Farinella