PFW – Shiatzy Chen AW2022/23 Collection: Genesis

Shiatzy Chen AW2022/23 Collection “Genesis” strikes a match in the originally pitch-black darkness, lighting up the fire and radiance.

Shiatzy Chen AW2022/2023 Collection Genesis

SHIATZY CHEN AW22/23 runway show is unveiled online at 18:00 pm on March 7th. With GENESIS as theme, Design Director Chen Tsai-Hsia strikes a match in the originally pitch-black darkness, lighting up the fire and radiance. Exploring the meaning of the ancient saying “obscure thy radiance, blend with the dust”, the dancing light exists alongside the dust and is just as important. Everyone’s past and future is the journey that guides one towards the spectacular radiance.


The photoshoot draws inspiration from the genesis, using the images of fire and radiance to convey the forever fuelled passion and inspiration burning in us. The symbols are further hidden in GENESIS, the title of this season, where amidst the darkness, a ray of light beams strongly through the crack, opening up a world that is bigger than the eyes can take in. Inside the frame, we see floating specks of dust and hear the crackling sound of burning fire, all urging us to gaze more intently on the flame, and from this ignites a show of light and costumes interlaced.

Inspirations behind the AW22/23

Be it the past or the radiance, it is abstract in the mind but profound in the heart. This ideal is poetically translated to clothing in a spirit that is contrasting yet Orientally harmonious, aesthetic and embodied as contours sleek and straight, gorgeous and fluffy.

Shiatzy Chen AW2022/2023 Collection Genesis

Opening up this collection with casual elegance is the slim-fit sportif ribbed collar top popular in recent years matched with the tasseled wide-leg pant in mesh fabric; coming right up, together the hooded long coat in jacquard metal yarn with original pattern and straight H-Line dress form a burning torch in the darkness; the padded coat with metal woven argyle pattern, shiny leather jacket, and shorts, and sheer organza print top combination illustrates the fleeting images and symbolizes fireworks as well; finally, with black as the main tone combined with specially embossed firework pattern chiffon, jacquard on metal yarn, and chiffon lace, the sequin and feather here and there depict the lingering and curling light and shadow in the darkness.

We see a large use of fiery red in the tasseled dress, padded long coat with embroidery, and band collar jacket in embroidered satin; the sheenless black and white colors in a flared long chiffon skirt, embroidered satin long hoop-skirt, and woolen jacket; the spiraling neon colors with light purple woolen jacket, pink knitted top with an original pattern, magenta organza top with raglan sleeves, and brown leather sequin jacket and short skirt inspiring infinite life with splendid colors, and to top it all off, the never-ending black splashed with malachite green sequin ignites sparkles shining in the darkness.

Shiatzy Chen AW2022/2023 Collection Genesis

The original patterns in this collection play with elements of fire, smoke, burning light, and neon halo, symbolizing the origin of the spectacular radiance, existing at the same time and of equal importance.

Accessories in this season

Traveling fast, light is an inspiration translated into accessories. The men’s collection largely sees casual slim-fit print polo neck with shirt and overcoat as formal wear, demonstrating a new Oriental style, whereas the glamorous fiery red edging added to men’s long coat with band collar redefines the contemporary Oriental lavish. Widely used in this season is the print pattern scarf as the key accessory common to both men’s and women’s collections, combined with a leather jacket and short skirt, portraying a 1980s retro-modern look. Also included in this season is the iconic historic hoop-skirt of the Rococo period, illustrating the story of light and shadow through the horizontal bustle in a declaration of female power.

The accessories draw inspiration from the context of fair and equal, the symmetric radiating crystal earrings and the tassel necklace glittering like a waterfall connect in smoothness paths toward the bright future. The shoes pick up from the blooming concept, Chelsea boots and knee-high boots all come in patent leather designs that glow in reflection, responding subtly to the theme of light; the bags also see classic jade bangle handle bags and mini bags as the stars of this collection, contrasting a genderless modern sleek style.

SHIATZY CHEN Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 Collection

Presented by_ SHIATZY CHEN
Creative Director_ Yu-Hsi Chang
Executive Director_ Yao-Wei Lu
Producer_ Li-Yen Ching
Photographer_ Sanko Chi @sanko_chi
Photography Assistant_ Benny Chen / Ned Lin
Still Photography_ Shou-Wei Sun
Makeup_ MAKE UP FOR EVER @makeupforever
Hair_ L’Oréal Professionnel @lorealpro_education_taiwan / VISAVIS
Casting Director_ Ming-Pin Tien
Models_ Samuel Aaron Borghuis / Ting Chang / Zachary Chou / Zoey Dong / Dan Hong / Krystal Hong / Leo Huang / Larissa Joncus / Gianna Lai / Meng-Yu Lai / Jing-Yu Ma / Xuan Pan / Valeriia Savonenkova / Anna Shiianova / Kate Tsai / Seng-Io U / Claire Wang / Silvia Wang / Yu Wang / Chi Zhou
Creative & Production_ SHIATZY CHEN
Set Decorator_ Jen-Pu Yeh
Production Assistant_ Yu-Zhong Zhang
Production Coordinator_ Pei-Hsuan Shih
Special Thanks_ Nantou County Government / Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area / Xiangshan Visitor Center

Credits: © Courtesy of Shiatzy Chen