Shiatzy Chen Spring-Summer 2021 Paris

With “MULAN” as the theme of the Collection Spring-Summer 2021, SHIATZY CHEN is inspired by the legendary female figure Mulan as well as her courageous spirit interpreting into the style of contemporary women.

Shiatzy Chen SS21 Paris

With “ MULAN ” as the theme of the 2021 SS collection, we see Design Director Chen Tsai-Hsia drawing inspirations from the legendary female figure Mulan as well as her courageous spirit to  become her own kind of woman, and interprets the brand – new style of contemporary women.

For the first time since SHIATZY CHEN joined the Paris Fashion Week in 2008, a fashion show was cancelled early this year due to the continued influence of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

Shiatzy Chen SS21 Paris

The SHIATZY CHEN SS new line is being launched online in the form of a short film this season, inviting the audience to join Mulan on her journey.

Shiatzy Chen SS21 Paris

We begin our inspirational journey this season with a gender neutral and clean – cut profile, formal military style shirt coupled with baggy joggers or alternated with big pocket shorts; one – piece swimsuit and cyclin g tights mixed and matched with sheer long skirt for extra punctuation, paired with thin ties interpreted with embroidery, print and tulle. The sweet temperament of the women in moderation.

The style also sees leather belt and cotton corset evolved from horse – riding garment as accentuation to the waistline, sexy while independent and outspoken.

Shiatzy Chen SS21 Paris

Beginning with olive green and khaki, elements of military uniform, this season is a demonstration of the courage and resolution with which Mulan embarks on her journey. Moving forward, the designs are largely based on black and white combined with SHIATZY CHEN original jacquard and hand – embroidered patterns, symbolizing the scenery along the journey and transitions in her emotions.

Shiatzy Chen SS21 Paris

The season concludes with explosive colors such as bright yellow, fresh green and pink in gradation, and fluorescent peach, all wrapped into the graffiti print, an interpretation of a woman’s journey in transition having experienced it a ll, and turns to embrace the hope and glory of the future.

The SHIATZY CHEN original pattern features black and white dashed with red, illustrating the distance travelled in the military life. Together with the eag erness to take flight, the colored graffiti encompasses hopes and dreams, while courage, fearlessness, elegance, and nobility are manifested as horses galloping, swords drawn, birds soaring, and magnolia blooming.

The strokes in the sketch represent the chaos on the battlefield, the grim force to survive under slashing swords, and the fairies ​dotting here and there as a silver lining of hope amidst the chaos. A sudden change of the surreal style draws a lingering and pending end to the magical journey.

Shiatzy Chen SS21 Paris

Designed as an extension to the horse tack in this season, we see footwear including crew length combat boot and flat sandals, with eye – catching combinations of belt and metal studs accessories. Echoing the military theme, the heels have belt buckles mimic king the sheath, and the window lattice pattern on the sides as a breathable as well as classic accessorizing element of the brand, demonstrate an overall firmness sprinkled with tender elegance.

The ambiguity of gender was far beyond comprehension in Mulan’s times, but transcending gender and embracing diversity today, we encourage people to be awaken to their true nature and face the world without fear.


Director Zhong Lin
Assistant Director Wang Yuan Ling
Photography Assistant Wang Yuan Ling Sherry Liu Yinghan Wang
Producer Hanson Wang
Liner Producer Hsi Hao Wang Yi Cen Lin Karen Liang Y ueh Ju Liao
Art Director Mingko Wan
Art Assistant Zhao Tai Xuan Chen Yun RU
Inkjet Artist Li Xi Jian
Best Boy Grip Huang You Cheng Chen Xin Houng Li Heng Yi HE Wei Lun
D.P. Jin Xin
1st Asst. Camera Yu Hao Liu
Gaffer Pony Ma
Best Boy Yu Sheng Gao
Electrician Jun Rong Tian Keng Hua Kuo Chen Wei Lin
Editor Chen Jing Yi
Grading Time line Studio
Van Ming Cheng Tu
Studio & Lighting Rental Arrow Cinematic Group
Camera Rental Leader Asia Pacific Creativity Center
Stylist Chen Yu
Styling Assistant Kuoching Hsu
Hair Stylist Miley Shen
Hair Stylist Assistant Wini Chen Pure Chang
Makeup Artist Fiona Li
Makeup Artist Assistant Helen Tsai Ellen Lee
Model Wika Majewska Venessa Pan Zhidkova Anastasiia
Lookbook Photographer Kuo Huan – Chung
Lookbook Lighting Chen Kai – Hsun Edward Hsu Zeke Lin

Credits: © Courtesy of SHIATZY CHEN