Sonya Cruz & Sophia Bella Cruz for

Sonya Cruz & Sophia Bella Cruz for

When and where were you discovered?

I would always get asked if I were model already back in school or in shopping centres .I was always a introvert and always was intrigued by the industry it was like another world.Sophia and I Both came from nothing so going to that world to another was so different but great for us both.

Why did you decide to become a model?

I have so many great memories it hard to pick one.But first time I ever shot my first fashion magazine was a great feeling.

The best memory you have of your work? And the worst?

Every magazine Sophia and I shoot for has great memory. The worst would be…
I was in Greece for very first time, for a shoot.The shoot ended up finishing late and when I got back to my hotel. I was hungry so I decided to go down the road from hotel.To get something to eat as I didn’t want to be eating in my hotel.There was a nice restaurant the owner of restaurant and workers kept staring at me,and ask if I would come at the back I said “no”.Then the owner tried to grab me to force me to,I managed to break free and ran out and he started running after me.I was lucky to make it back to my hotel, and notify people at hotel immediately. Another time was also when a crazy fan commented on my photo saying he followed me around a shopping centre all day.He described what I was wearing that day and stated he wanted to kidnap me.

Sonya Cruz & Sophia Bella Cruz for

How do you stay positive and motivated in the uncertain times we live in?

I always try to stay positive by remembering where I use to be and where I’m now,that is what keeps me motivated.I always have fate especially during these times,and people trying to bring me down On social media,I have grown numb in sense to bullying and never let it affect me.I’m proud of where I’m today,and every magazine that no comment can take that away. Both myself and sister never let anything it get to us as it’s their internal struggles not ours.We also learnt people will speak about us regardless so why let it get to us and affect our life we are blessed to be living.”and our favourite quote is “your only as stong as your state of mind“.

How do you define the relationship with your sister?

My relationship with my sister is a friendship,we are best friends, we love to watch horror movies,and sometimes finish each other’s sentences,we are very lucky to have each other.

Do you enjoy working with your sister?

I enjoy working with my sister,When she’s on set we both forget we are working.We both were in Gq magazine and other fashion magazines together.We work well together,especial on our latest shoot.Where I designed the clothing for which we both wore.Can’t wait to work with her on more magazine shoots together.

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