Gabrielle Chanel and Cinema – Inside CHANEL 

Gabrielle Chanel understood the power of the moving image and used it to revolutionize fashion. Stay tuned for more history in upcoming episodes of Inside CHANEL

This year, Chanel is releasing a new series of Inside Chanel, which is themed around Gabrielle Chanel and the Arts. In the latest chapter, Chanel delves into the Parisian house’s legacy of cinema and how the Mademoiselle had revolutionised her generation of women.

Gabrielle Chanel was born in the age when cinema was introduced to the world. “It is through cinema that fashion can be imposed today”, she said and as a fashion designer, her intuition has driven her to embark on a new quest of creations.

She was well aware of the infinite possibility of cinema, and her idea to liberate the body and endow it with rhythm took shape as moving pictures became the hub of arts.

Chanel Creative Director: © Virginie Viard