Louis Vuitton Tableware

Louis Vuitton presents the Art de la Table: the first collection of tableware creations in porcelain and Murano glass

Louis Vuitton is delighted to present its first tableware collection: a complete range including porcelain dishes as well as glasses and carafes. With these three distinct lines, the now-permanent collection celebrates the graphic spirit of the Maison’s Monogram flower with a contemporary touch, subtly intermingling the traditional and the modern. Both functional and decorative, Louis Vuitton Tableware redefines l’art de vivre with an identifiably Louis Vuitton feel, bringing timeless elegance to the table in every season.

Monogram Flower Tile tableware, crafted in Limoges porcelain, illustrates the simple, timeless elegance of porcelain with an essential white-and-blue colour scheme.The designs showcase the graphic elaboration of the Maison’s emblematic Monogram flower with subtle watercolour effects against an ultra-white background. Available in a variety of formats from the dainty plate to the ample bowl, the array brings a dreamy touch to any occasion, from teatime to dinner.

Louis Vuitton’s Twist Glass is available in a Crystal Clear version, as well as in captivating Sapphire Blue, Amber, Emerald, and Venetian Ruby, reflecting an essence of sophistication that brings something special to every sip. The dynamic design features a whirling shape that rises from the Monogram flower at the bottom of the glass, bringing an artistic dimension to the visual and tactile experience.

Rounding out the collection are Flower Carafes, available in enchantingly deep colours – Sapphire Blue, Amber, Emerald, and Venetian Ruby – as well as delicately transparent Crystal Clear. These decanters harmoniously coordinate with the glasses. Both highlight Murano glass-making savoir-faire: they are crafted with the expertise of Simone Cenedese to bring a unique character to each piece.

Launching on 17th November 2023, the Louis Vuitton Tableware collection will be available on the official Louis Vuitton website and at a selection of Louis Vuitton stores.

Credits: © Courtesy of Louis Vuitton Italia