MBFW Russia: New Collections, Online Games and Interactive Digital Platform

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia presents new Designer Collections, Video Games and interactive Digital Platform.

MBFW Russia: New Collections, Online Games and Interactive Digital Platform

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place on April, 19-24 at the Museum of Moscow. The designers will show their new collections in Moscow and other Russian cities – St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Sochi and Chelyabinsk.

The MBFW opening on April 19 will parade the Moscow-based brand Ruban. On April 20, #MBFWRussia shows will take place in two cities – Milan and Moscow. Italian Collini, Hand Picked, Daniela de Souza, Vuarnet and others will bring in their collections to a Milan-based Sari Spazio showroom. The shows will be live streamed at the MBFW website as well as partners’ websites. On April 21, shows by designers participating in LongFashionWeekend will be live streamed from Chelyabinsk.

The united MBFW Russia schedule includes live streams of shows and video presentations by designers from Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, South Korea, Spain, UK and USA.

All the shows and presentations will be live streamed in the MBFW Russia official group in VK, major social media of Russia and the CIS, as well as other social media and partners’ websites.


On April 20, an interactive digital platform of the Fashion Week will be launched at https://mbfwrussia.ru/en, telling more about the participants and the designer profession, introducing fashion and sustainable development experts, and offering invitations to the shows.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will be the first fashion week in the world to present online games –  Catch the Inspo, Pattern Maker, and Sewing Adventures.  The users that win the most points will be awarded gifts and invitations to the future seasons. Sounds for online games, the main background of MBFW Russia were generated by Artificial Intelligence in Endel app.

MBFW Russia: New Collections, Online Games and Interactive Digital Platform
Photo: © Krutova @iamkrutova

Visitors of https://mbfwrussia.ru/en are offered interactive insights on a fashion designer profession – in 5 days, the users will have to find an inspiration source, draw up some sketches, and get the collection and the concept ready for the show. The digital platform will also contain subject guides, playlists, tests, exclusive materials prepared by designers, fashion industry officials and experts on sustainable fashion and ecology.


Together with Fashion Fund, in this season Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is once again offering grant support to designers from all over Russia. The Expert Board has decided 14 winners, namely 1377, Ansel, BOYARI, FASHION REBELS, Gerda Irene, K TITOVA, Lyubov Babitskaya, Marfa Fedorova, o5o, OTOCYON, Sasha Gapanovich, Vereja, ZA_ZA, and It is ART PIECE. Grants from Fashion Fund will enable Russian designers from Moscow and other cities to bring a show to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia without participation fee.


The following Russian designers will present their collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia on April 19 through 24 – RUBAN, ROGOV, Vereja, /SELFÉTUDE, o5o, OTOCYON, ZA_ZA, Yana Besfamilnaya, NASTYA NEKRASOVA, N.LEGENDA, Sasha Gapanovich, 1377, HARD by HSE Art&Design School, Lyubov Babitskaya, K TITOVA, BOYARI, Ansel, Gerda Irene, RE / MARKA, Institude of Business and Design (B&D), FASHION REBELS, ELENA SOUPROUN, ALENA NEGA, Julia Dalakian, Lasscutok, Lada Sergunina, LEADER by VADIM MERLIS, Lena Kаrnauhova, TSIGANOVA presents a collection RUSSIAN STYLE & Konyukhov, M.I.R.277, NOT NEW COLLECTION by Laska, PROfashion Masters (Ksenia Demianenko, Lyudmila Gorkovenko, Ksenia Vlasova & Evgeniya Sinkova, Emiliya Tokranova, Nikolay Vorobyov), VOLEGOV, Semiletova, SERGEY SYSOEV Fashion School KOSYGIN UNIVERSITY, Teplitskaya design, participants of LongFashionWeekend (Ermakovishna, ELSOBO, CHUMA, TATIANA RADYGINA, caboclobad), It is ART PIECE, VINA, and PARLE.

Moreover, the Fashion Week will be also participated by the designers from other countries, namely – 13/7, LINUS LEONARDSSON, ANCIELA, ANNAISS YUCRA, CHRISTOPH RITTER STUDIO, CUTE-SAINT, Elisa De Cordova, FEMME DE MARS, Garcia Bello, GRACIELA HUAM, GUIDO VERA, Vivano, Kyle Ho, Camille Defago, Mercedes De Alba, Mercedes-Benz presents Emma Bruschi, Moon Chang, NS GAIA, PAINTERS, VALENTINS, Rommel, Collini, Sharra Pagano, Hand Picked, Pantofola d’Oro, Vuarnet, Daniela de Souza, TOMMAZO, Viviano, as well as participants of the Mexico Fashion Week specially for MBFW Russia: Collectiva Concepción, Vero Díaz, Alejandra Raw, and others.

This season, for the first time, Mercedes-Benz presents Emma Bruschi. This showcase during MBFW Russia is part of Bruschi’s grant, having been recognised by Mercedes-Benz and Fashion Open Studio for her sustainable practice as the best in show during the mentorship programme at the 35th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères. Bruschi also won the Chanel Métiers d’art 19M Prize. Fascinated by the people, flora and fauna of agricultural communities, Bruschi’s “Almanach” collection looked for inspiration toward the farmers of the French Savoyard region, and their yearly almanac. Filmmaker Roddy Ziebell and photographer Julien Boudet bring Bruschi’s story to life through their distinctive creative lens.

Emerging designers and Laska brand will appear at MBFW Russia with a collection based on second-hand clothes. NOT NEW Collection comprises 20 exclusive looks and will appear at the catwalk during the Spring season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. In collaboration with Laska, a brand by Henkel, emerging designers residing at the Tavrida art cluster, used clothes from old collections to make some new garments. The underlying concept in this collaboration is #RethinkFashion that supports and promotes reasonable consumption.


This season, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia continues to support models of advanced age. Thank to collaboration of Russian Fashion Council and Moscow Longevity program, people of advanced age will present new designer looks at the Moscow catwalks – along with other models. This is not for the first time when models aged 55+ go down the catwalks at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.


This time, the traditional symbol of the Fashion Week – the Infanta – was designed by artist Kirilll Zukclub (aka Well Known Artist). Digitalization, ethical fashion, inclusion and diversity – these are the guidelines followed by MBFW Russia that inspired the artist in making the digital look for the Fashion Week. The Infanta is modern and yet somehow nostalgic for the past – her dress is decorated with some graffiti and interfaces of legacy digital design software.

Specially for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, official partner hotel Metropol designed a limited collection of desserts, inspired by the century-long history of its premises. Between the shows, visitors of MBFW Russia will be offered blackberry cheesecake, cherry milk chocolates, and caramel tarts.

Title Partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz.

Credits: © Courtesy of Russian Fashion Council