Santainés – The seduction of elegance, the dynamism of style


Santainés, romantic creations in the shape of a sneaker

Santainés - The seduction of elegance, the dynamism of style

Santainés begins its journey as a brand with a collection built around a single object, declined in two variants conceived and produced in multiple shades.

High-level fine leather sneakers built using traditional method and a complex technique that requires art and a lot of experience the- refore the result is a very durable, long-lasting shoe. Addressing a male and female audience, innovative and open to new aesthetic theories, they stand out for thier top quality materials, their fine decorations and their strong identity.

To sublimate the experience, an unusual packaging, significant and with a strong aesthetic impact, consisting in an extra-large1 magnetized box covered in an animal printed tailoring paper in the shade burgundy, a more sofisticated shade of red, expression of power and ambition. Once opened, the pair of sneakers is prepared in an unconventional way and nestled like a jewel.

I wanted to take this opportunity to bring together multiple skills, creating an impeccable handcraft product that combines the tradition of crañsmanship with the stylistic innovation of decorating leather, and to do so I had to overcome thousands of obstacles”, claims Angelo Dente, owner and founder of the brand.

Only a brief summary of the history of the brand and its collection is currently available on the website.

Starting mid-January 2020, Santainés sneakers are going to be launched on the crowdfounding platform and the launch will be supported by a massive advertising campaign on the main social networks, that will reveal all facts in the background.

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