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Leica München presents MUSE by Thomas Kretschmann

Thomas Kretschmann "MUSE"
Los Angeles, May 2020 © courtesy Thomas Kretschmann

Opening on 1 October 2021, Leica Galerie Munich will present the first major solo exhibition by German artist and Hollywood star Thomas Kretschmann.

For around ten years now, the renowned actor has been using his Leica to capture moments on the set, fellow actors, and impressive behind-the-scene situations, taken in familiar contexts or during his travels. What interests him is less the staging of a photograph than collecting “frozen moments.” Viewers were already treated to first glimpses of Kretschmann’s work in autumn 2019 at BERLIN PHOTO WEEK. Now, two years later, he invites us to “dive in” together for a more in-depth look at his photographic oeuvre.

Thomas Kretschmann "MUSE"
Muse, 2021, © courtesy Thomas Kretschmann

The central series, titled MUSE, was created over the last years at his home swimming pool in the hills of Los Angeles.

Similar to Helmut Newton’s work, Kretschmann, a former professional swimmer, often shoots in locations having to do with water, swimming, or the sea. Thus, it’s only logical that the photographer photographed his longtime partner and muse Brittany Rice in a multipart aquatic series. Floating on the water as if in a trance, emerging from the water, or diving into it, clad in a delicate negligee, she enchants viewers like Friedrich de la Motte Fouquet’s Undine or a siren from ancient Greece. America is also a major theme in Thomas Kretschmann’s visual world. In this vein, we also see his personal interpretation of Ragged Old Flag, sung by Johnny Cash back in 1974, which was recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. And he takes into the midst of the riots that took place in L.A. in May 2020. This is Kretschmann the documentarist, who comments quietly yet intensely, and lets viewers participate in a different short story with every picture.

The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without his intimate portraits of friends and colleagues. We see the multitalented Heidi Klum as well as actor Daniel Radcliffe, who, bearded and smoking, looks completely different from the young wizard Harry Potter, whose films made him famous.

The MUSE exhibition at Leica Galerie Munich is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm; and in accordance with the current Covid-19 regulations. Admission is free of charge. The photographs in the exhibition are available for purchase. If you have any questions, please contact the gallery at +49 (0)89/69 313 89 0.

Leica Galerie München
Thomas Kretschmann: MUSE
11.10. – 31.12.2021

Credits: © Courtesy Thomas Kretschmann